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Documentation for field names
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@@ -120,6 +120,25 @@ queries into the same ``query()`` call, but in a more complex environment,
it can be useful to partially construct a query in one part of your program,
then modify it later on in a separate part.
+Field names
+To look at the list of available fields in the Solr schema, look at the ``si.schema.fields`` property:
+ >>> print si.schema.fields.keys()
+ ['id', 'cat', 'name', 'price', 'author_t', 'series_t', 'sequence_i', 'genre_s']
+.. note:: If your field names contain undescores dots (.), you won't be able to use
+ them as parameter names in the query() method. Luckily, Python offers here something
+ called "keyword argument application from a dictionary", so you can specify
+ your field name - value pairs in a dictionary as follows:
+ si.query({'name': "game", 'author_t': "Martin"})
Executing queries and interpreting the response
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