Support for facet.pivot Queries #1

merged 5 commits into from Nov 4, 2013

2 participants


Adds support for Solr Queries which were added in Solr 4.0, more specifically facet.pivot and facet.pivot.mincount. Can be used via the new method query.pivot_by(fields, **kw).

JFYI: This is used in the new Intranet project, so please drop me or someone else at gocept a message if you have released a new version. We will use a checkout of my branch till then.

florianpilz added some commits Nov 1, 2013
@florianpilz florianpilz Start to add support for hierarchical facetting (pivot). 62f3477
@florianpilz florianpilz Finish support for facet.pivot queries.
- fix option output from list to concatenated string
- new query command 'pivot_by'
- option 'mincount' is recognized for facet.pivot.mincount, rather f.FIELD.facet.pivot.mincount
- remove all other options
@florianpilz florianpilz Add facet.pivot to output of facet_counts. 875b143
@florianpilz florianpilz Fix broken test. 18baf01
@florianpilz florianpilz Update Changelog. 9479d72
@lugensa lugensa merged commit 9479d72 into lugensa:master Nov 4, 2013
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