Labeled Span Graph Networks
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Labeled Span Graph Network (Under Construction)

This repository contains code and models for replicating results from the following publication:

Part of the codebase is extended from e2e-coref.


  • Python 2.7
  • TensorFlow 1.8.0
  • pyhocon (for parsing the configurations)
  • tensorflow_hub (for loading ELMo)

Getting Started

  • sudo apt-get install tcsh (Only required for processing CoNLL05 data)
  • GloVe embeddings and the srlconll scripts:
  • Build kernels: ./scripts/ (Please make adjustments to the script according to your OS/gcc version)
  • Download pretrained models by running ./scripts/

Setting up for ELMo (in progress)

  • Some of our models are trained with the ELMo embeddings. We use the ELMo model loaded by tensorflow_hub.
  • It is recommended to cache ELMo embeddings for training and validating efficiency. Instructions will be added soon.

Making Predictions with Pretrained Models

  • Please see data/sample.jsonlines for input format (json). Each json object can contain multiple sentences.
  • For example, run python conll2012_final data/sample.jsonlines sample.out to predict SRL structures.
  • The output will also be in json format, with an additional array storing the SRL tuples. For example, for the following input sentences:

[["John", "told", "Pat", "to", "stop", "the", "robot", "immediately", "."], ["Pat", "refused", "."]]

The following json object

"predicted_srl": [[1, 0, 0, "ARG0"], [1, 2, 2, "ARG2"], [1, 3, 7, "ARG1"], [4, 2, 2, "ARG0"], [4, 5, 6, "ARG1"], [4, 7, 7, "ARGM-TMP"], [10, 9, 9, "ARG0"]]

contains SRL predictions for the two sentences, formatted as [predicate_position, argument_span_start, argument_end, role_label]. The token ids are counted starting 0 from the beginning of the document (instead of the beginning of each sentence).

CoNLL Data

For replicating results on CoNLL-2005 and CoNLL-2012 datasets, please follow the steps below.


The data is provided by: CoNLL-2005 Shared Task, but the original words are from the Penn Treebank dataset, which is not publicly available. If you have the PTB corpus, you can run:
./scripts/ /path/to/ptb/


You have to follow the instructions below to get CoNLL-2012 data CoNLL-2012, this would result in a directory called /path/to/conll-formatted-ontonotes-5.0. Run:
./scripts/ /path/to/conll-formatted-ontonotes-5.0

Training Instructions

  • Experiment configurations are found in experiments.conf
  • Choose an experiment that you would like to run, e.g. conll2012_best
  • For a single-machine experiment, run the following two commands:
    • python <experiment>
    • python <experiment>
  • Results are stored in the logs directory and can be viewed via TensorBoard.
  • For final evaluation of the checkpoint with the maximum dev F1:
    • Run python <experiment> for the single-model evaluation. For example: python conll2012_final

Other Quirks

  • It does not use GPUs by default. Instead, it looks for the GPU environment variable, which the code treats as shorthand for CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES.
  • The evaluator should not be run on GPUs, since evaluating full documents does not fit within GPU memory constraints.
  • The training runs indefinitely and needs to be terminated manually. The model generally converges at about 300k steps and within 48 hours.
  • At test time, the code loads the entire GloVe 300D embedding file in the beginning, which would take a while.