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HelloFlashlight is a simple sample application written by Manfred Moser <>

It was created to demonstrate the minimal pom.xml setup needed to use the android-maven-plugin
and is used as an example in the book Maven: The Complete Reference

See the book chapter for more details.

The following steps were done for the project creation.

- setup of Java, Maven, Android SDK and Android artifacts
- created project with Android SDK using Eclipse tool (new android project...)
- some hacking to have a little flashlight application with buttons to change color
- added minimal pom.xml file
- built application with running emulator:

mvn clean install android:deploy

- if an avd with the name 16 with platform 1.6 or higher exists the emulator can be started with

mvn android:emulator-start

- test the application on emulator (or device) by starting it and pressing the buttons to change the flashlight color

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