An ActiveRecord adapter for the API


== Welcome to Active Salesforce

  ActiveSalesforce is an extension to the Rails Framework that allows for the dynamic creation and management of 
  ActiveRecord objects through the use of Salesforce meta-data and uses a organization as the backing store.

== Getting started

1. gem install activesalesforce
2. if you have not already done so generate your initial rails app using "rails <myappname goes here>" 
3. edit config/environment.rb and add "require_gem 'activesalesforce'" to the end of the " do |config|" block, e.g. do |config|
		  require 'activesalesforce'

4. edit database.yml

		adapter: activesalesforce
  		username: <salesforce user name goes here>
  		password: <salesforce password goes here>
  		NOTE: If you want to access your Salesforce Sandbox account use as your url instead
5. proceed using standard Rails development techniques!  	

== Advanced Features

  1. Session ID based Authentication: Add the following to /app/controllers/application.rb to enable SID auth for all controllers
  		class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
  			before_filter ActiveSalesforce::SessionIDAuthenticationFilter
  2. Boxcar'ing of updates, inserts, and deletes. Use <YourModel>.transaction() to demark boxcar boundaries.

== Description of contents

  Application specific libraries. Basically, any kind of custom code that doesn't
  belong under controllers, models, or helpers. This directory is in the load path.
  Helper scripts for automation and generation.

  Unit and functional tests along with fixtures.