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PiSDR Image

Raspberry Pi Official Raspbian image with SDR software pre-installed. We are currently working on the next version of this image with tons of new software V3 Roadmap.


The mirror list can be found in the table below. We recommend using balenaEtcher to flash the OS to the SD Card.

Status Location TAR ZIP BitTorrent
Official NYC v2 v2.1 v2 v2.1
Collaborator US-East v2 v2
Collaborator Singapore v2 v2

Included Software

  • GQRX
  • SDRAngel
  • GNURadio Companion
  • LimeUtil
  • LimeVNA
  • Soapy

Supported Devices

  • PlutoSDR
  • LimeNET Micro
  • LimeSDR Mini
  • LimeSDR USB
  • AirSpy Mini
  • AirSpy R2
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