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Code and tools I use to collect and analyse Twitter data
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My Twitter World 🌍

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ℹ️ About

During the last year I have found out the Twitter API, so I have written some Python code to collect and analyze data. I also have extracted data and numbers from the datasets about propaganda and disinformation shared by Twitter. I will upload on Github all the code I have written, I am not a Python developer so the code is not so good, but it works. I hope these Python scripts can also be useful to others.

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🔗 Some posts on my blog about Twitter data analysis:

[🇬🇧] About Iran and IRA Twitter datasets (for fun) - Part III
[🇬🇧] About Iran and IRA Twitter datasets (for fun) - Part II
[🇬🇧] About Iran and IRA Twitter datasets (for fun) - Part I
[🇮🇹] Quali utenti usano 🇮🇹 nel nickname di Twitter?

🔗 Some Twitter threads:

[🇬🇧] Some numbers about the suspended accounts linked to Partido Popular
[🇬🇧] The suspended user @IYASHI_Y
[🇮🇹] Lo strano utente @JppMorgann
[🇬🇧] About Twitter dataset on the disinformation on situation in Hong Kong
[🇮🇹] Internet Research Agency dataset e situazione in Italia
[🇮🇹] #MattarellaDimettiti

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