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Luigi's Dotfiles


This repository is a fork from Dries's dotfiles. I have modified it to cater the apps and settings that I use on my M1 MacBook.

This configs will serve as a tool to help me automate the setup of my Mac. It takes a ton of effort when you install everything manually. Everything needed to install my preferred setup of macOS is detailed in this readme. Feel free to explore, learn and copy parts for your own dotfiles. Enjoy! 😄

A Fresh macOS Setup

These instructions are for when you've already set up your dotfiles. If you want to get started with your own dotfiles you can find instructions below.

Before you re-install

First, go through the checklist below to make sure you didn't forget anything before you wipe your hard drive.

  • Did you commit and push any changes/branches to your git repositories?
  • Did you remember to save all important documents from non-iCloud directories?
  • Did you save all of your work from apps which aren't synced through iCloud?
  • Did you remember to export important data from your local database?
  • Did you update mackup to the latest version and ran mackup backup?

Installing macOS cleanly

After going to our checklist above and making sure you backed everything up, we're going to cleanly install macOS with the latest release. Follow this article to cleanly install the latest macOS version.

Setting up your Mac

If you did all of the above you may now follow these install instructions to setup a new Mac.

  1. Update macOS to the latest version with the App Store
  2. Generate a new public and private SSH key by running:
    curl | sh -s "<your-email-address>"
  3. Clone this repo to ~/.dotfiles with:
    git clone ~/.dotfiles
  4. Run the installation with:
  5. After mackup is synced with your cloud storage, restore preferences by running mackup restore
  6. Restart your computer to finalize the process

Your Mac is now ready to use!

You can use a different location than ~/.dotfiles if you want. Make sure you also update the reference in the .zshrc file.

Your Own Dotfiles

Please note that the instructions below assume you already have set up Oh My Zsh so make sure to first install Oh My Zsh before you continue.

If you want to start with your own dotfiles from this setup, it's pretty easy to do so. First of all you'll need to fork this repo. After that you can tweak it the way you want.

Go through the .macos file and adjust the settings to your liking. You can find much more settings at the original script by Mathias Bynens and Kevin Suttle's macOS Defaults project.

Check out the Brewfile file and adjust the apps you want to install for your machine. Use their search page to check if the app you want to install is available.

Check out the aliases.zsh file and add your own aliases. If you need to tweak your $PATH check out the path.zsh file. These files get loaded in because the $ZSH_CUSTOM setting points to the .dotfiles directory. You can adjust the .zshrc file to your liking to tweak your Oh My Zsh setup. More info about how to customize Oh My Zsh can be found here.

When installing these dotfiles for the first time you'll need to backup all of your settings with Mackup. Install Mackup and backup your settings with the commands below. Your settings will be synced to iCloud so you can use them to sync between computers and reinstall them when reinstalling your Mac. If you want to save your settings to a different directory or different storage than iCloud, checkout the documentation. Also make sure your .zshrc file is symlinked from your dotfiles repo to your home directory.

brew install mackup
mackup backup

You can tweak the shell theme, the Oh My Zsh settings and much more. Go through the files in this repo and tweak everything to your liking.

Enjoy your own Dotfiles!

Thanks To...

Special thanks to Dries Vints for open sourcing his dotfiles. Setting up my mac has never been so easy. Thanks a lot Dries! 😄

In general, I'd like to thank every single one who open-sources their dotfiles for their effort to contribute something to the open-source community. Your work means the world! 🌍 ❤️


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