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This is the μcaptcha meta-repository.

  • mucaptcha-js is the official client-side JS library, namely for displaying μcaptcha challenges and supporting user interaction to submit the challenges.
  • mucaptcha-php is the official server-side PHP library, namely for verifying the μcaptcha challenges.
  • mucaptcha-wordpress is the official WordPress plugin.

μcaptcha is a math handwriting captcha scheme for touch-capable devices. Instead of entering text with a keyboard, you just retype a mathematical expression shown on a web canvas. μcaptcha belongs to the set of protocols called HIPs (Human Interactive Proofs), which allow a person to authenticate as belonging to a select group; e.g., human as opposed to machine, adult as opposed to a child, etc.

μcaptcha allows you protect your online forms from illegitimate access or abuse. Furthermore, as a byproduct of solving μcaptchas, a valuable labeled dataset of online handwritten math expressions is collected. μcaptcha is thus channeling the users' effort into creating valuable resources for machine learning.

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