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<title><![CDATA[Category: grooveshark | Entreprevelopment adventures]]></title>
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<name><![CDATA[Luisa Lima]]></name>
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<title type="html"><![CDATA[Grooveshark media center with raspberry pi]]></title>
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<content type="html"><![CDATA[<p>... and better yet: in the command line. No more messing around with slooow browsers in the Pi.</p>
<p>First, install mplayer if you don't already have it:</p>
<pre><code> sudo apt-get install mplayer </code></pre>
<p>Then, open ~/.mplayer/config and <a href="">pimp your player</a> by adding the following settings:</p>
<pre><code> cache=8192
cache-min=4 </code></pre>
<p>Next, clone the <a href="">gsclient plugin</a> by <a href="">drakedevel</a>:</p>
git clone</code></pre>
<p>And now... RoCk and RoLL :-)</p>
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