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A repository for any productivity programs I create with Google Apps Script!
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Google Apps Productivity Scripts

A repository for any productivity programs I create with Google Apps Script!

Time In Meetings is used in Google Sheets to display information on the Google Calendar events of users in your organization. 1

  1. In a Google Sheets file, for each of the Google Calendars you want information on, enter one email per cell.
  2. Go to Tools --> Script Editor. A blank, default function will appear if no code has been written yet; if there is existing code, in the Script Editor, go to File --> New --> Script File. Clear any blank, default functions, copy the code from the file, then paste it into your new script file.
  3. Press CTRL+S/CMD+S to save the .gs file. Name the project whatever you'd like.
  4. Go to Resources --> Advanced Google Services. Next to Calendar API and Google Sheets API, ensure that v3 and v4 are selected respectively, and click the 'off' button to turn them on. Next, click the link near the bottom of the window to your Google Cloud Platform API Dashboard.
  5. At the Google API Dashboard, ensure that your project is selected, to the right of the Google Cloud Platform logo in the upper left corner of the screen. If it is not, click the dropdown, and navigate to your newly-created project. If it is not here at all, you will need to create a new project by clicking New Project. You'll be directed to a window where you can title your project, and assign it to an organization. Click Create. Now you can ensure that your newly-created project is selected.
  6. Click Library, and search for the Calendar API. Click it, and at its page, click Enable. You may now close the Google API Dashboard window.
  7. Back in the Advanced Google Services window, click OK. Save any other changes you have made to the script. You may now close your script window.
  8. Refresh the Google Sheet window. After loading, you should now have a new tab titled "Time in Meetings".
  9. Select the emails you'd like to find information on, click Time in Meetings, then click Find Time for Selected. A window will pop up asking for authorization. Accept it.2
  10. If meeting data is available, it will appear in a new tab titled Time_in_Meetings_data.

1 This script has built-in filters. Meetings that feature no attendees are not included, and attendees who have declined the event are not included as having been at the meeting. Please continue with this in mind.

2 The scopes the program will ask for include "see, edit, create, and delete spreadsheets". The program will not create or delete spreadsheets, but rather, edit only the sheet with this script attached.

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