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Contextual Scroll Silverstripe Module

Author contact

Luis E. S. Dias


Silverstripe module to contextual scrolling. It helps long vertical-scrolling pages by keeping the user informed of her location within the document.

Github repository


jQuery an jQuery UI libraries loaded from Google at file
Version 0.2 - update for SilverStripe 3.x

The ContextualScroll Silverstripe Module is based on:

Sausage jQuery Plugin by Christopher Cliff


  • Unpack the files in a folder called contextualscroll
  • Run dev/build


  • At the CMS add a new page of "Contextual Scroll Holder" type
  • At the main tab you can set font-size, height, width, padding, margin-bottom and background-color for the children pages
  • Add pages below the the Contextual Scroll Holder
  • All pages are displayed once with the vertical contextual scroll bar showing their names