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Timeline Silverstripe Module

Author contact

Luis E. S. Dias


Silverstripe module to create a timeline

Github repository


jQuery libray loaded from Google at file

The Timeline Silverstripe Module uses:

Timeline jQuery Plugin

CSS Theme by Tutorialzine


  • Unpack the files in a folder called timeline
  • Run dev/build
  • on the javascript folder you can find the translation files for the following idioms: french, italian, portuguese and spanish. Remove the comment from the line 33 of the templates/ file and set it for your idiom.


  • At the CMS add a new page of "Timeline Holder" type
  • Select the cascade style sheet file to use ( Default from verite or dark template from tutorialzine )
  • Add children pages of "Timeline Page" type
  • Set the fields Event Date, End of Event, Article.
  • In the Content field you can insert images, links to youtube videos, vimeo videos and more. See the Timeline jQuery Plugin documentation for more info.
  • You can also set the Credit and Caption for the media ( Content field )