Migrate content from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 using Services
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License: GPL Version 2

This is a very simple method to migrate content from one Drupal site to another.
This is being developed and used in a current migration from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7
where I didn't want to upgrade, but to start the site from scratch in Drupal 7 and
then migrate all the content.

The module has no dependencies at all, and MUST BE INSTALLED on the origin site,
this is the site where YOUR CONTENT IS.

The module needs Services 7.x in the destination (client) site. You must create an endpoint that is /api (yeah, this is harcoded for now)

You'll need to create your own module and implement a hook_miratepro_format__mycontenttype() where mycontenttype is the type of the node you want to transfer.

In this hook you'll need to map the old content with the new content. 

Once you do this go to /migratepro

You can import one node (for testing purposes) or import a whole content type.

Finally, I STRONGLY SUGGEST that you test before you finally do it. You won't actually
be changing any data on the source site, you'll only be doing one SELECT, but you'll
need to test this with care on the destination site.

Backup YOUR destination site because you could break it.