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An easier, cleaner and more powerful way to build forms with two-way bindings in react.
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React Satisfying Forms

So satisfying make forms that can be written faster and scalable, right?


Wrap faster, use quickly ever after. Like so:

// InputField.tsx
// --------------

// Now InputField has the same interface as native one, plus form's field props (fprops)
const InputField = FieldFactory<React.InputHTMLAttributes<HTMLInputElement>>((fprops, props, fieldBindings, fielStatus) => 
    <input {...props} {...fieldBindings} />

// SomeFunction.tsx
// ----------------

// Note that the inspectors are on! Make some modifications, and see whats going on ;D
export function SomeFunction() {
    return (
        <Form inspect>
            <InputField fName={'name'} fInspect/>


npm i react-satisfying-forms --save

Running this sources

# Clone the rep
git clone

# Browse the folder
cd react-satisfying-forms

# Enter the Playground
cd dev

# Install depencies
npm install

# Run de app
npm start

Full docs

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