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LiftMaster Plugin for HomeBridge (API 2.0)

Older verion using API 1.0: homebridge-liftmaster


  1. Install homebridge using npm install -g homebridge.
  2. Install this plugin using npm install -g git+
  3. Update your configuration file. See configuration sample below.


  1. Stop homebridge.
  2. Remove configuration in config.json.
  3. Start homebridge (the plugin will remove cached accessories automatically).
  4. Remove this plugin using npm remove -g homebridge-liftmaster2.
  5. Restart homebridge.


Edit your config.json accordingly. Configuration sample:

"platforms": [{
   "platform": "LiftMaster2",
   "username": "",
   "password": "password"

Advanced Configuration (Optional)

This step is not required. HomeBridge with API 2.0 can handle configurations in the HomeKit app.

"platforms": [{
    "platform": "LiftMaster2",
    "name": "MyQ",
    "username": "",
    "password": "password",
    "openDuration": 15,
    "closeDuration": 25,
    "polling": true,
    "longPoll": 300,
    "shortPoll": 5,
    "shortPollDuration": 120,
    "gateways": ["My Home"]

Fields Description Default Required
platform Must always be LiftMaster2. Yes
name For logging purposes. No
username Your MyQ account email. Yes
password Your MyQ account password. Yes
openDuration Time in s to open garage door completely. 15 No
closeDuration Time in s to close garage door completely. 25 No
polling State polling. false No
longPoll Normal polling interval in s. 300 No
shortPoll Polling interval in s when door state changes. 5 No
shortPollDuration Duration in s to use shortPoll. 120 No
gateways Array of gateway IDs or names to add. [] No