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=== 0.4.0 / 2010-11-16
* Enhancements:
* Pass-through arguments during service install. Closes GH-4
* A bit more verbose messages at install / removal
* Bugfixes:
* Quote service name. Closes GH-3
* Loose mongrel dependency a little bit for compatibility
* Service name is mandatory. Closes GH-10
=== 0.4.beta3 / 2010-03-07
* Bugfixes:
* Enable the service display name to contain spaces [sinclair]
* Use a regex for more realible determination of service existance [sinclair]
Closes GH-1
=== 0.4.beta2 / 2010-01-01
* Enhancements:
* Removed win32-service dependency, making mongrel_service more portable
between Ruby implementations on Windows (One-Click and RubyInstaller)
* Now mongrel log files are written to the path specified by --log option.
Contribution by Daniel Gies (BigFix). Closes #44.
* Bugfixes:
* Wait longer for child process terminate properly (max 20 seconds).
Imported tests from RubyServices project. Closes #18.
* Workaround Windows 2008 process detection issues forcing 'service'
initialization parameter. Closes #54. [papillon]
* Updated ServiceFB to work with FB > 0.18.
=== 0.3.4 / 2008-01-02
* Strict Gem dependencies for mongrel_service. This version is compatible
only with mongrel 1.0.x, 1.1.x and with win32-service 0.5.x.
* Fixed issues realted to Win32::Service and gem_plugin being registered with
different names due win32-service changes.
=== 0.3.3 / 2007-10-26
* Properly display package/gem version for mongrel_service. Closes #13823.
* Updated ServiceFB to r80 to solve issue when compiling with FB > 0.17.
=== 0.3.2 / 2007-06-01
* Solved detection of parent process at ServiceFB level
(solves the x64 Windows issues).
* Upgraded to ServiceFB 'trunk' (but pistoned it, just in case).
* Fixed problems with ruby installations outside PATH or inside folders with spaces.
* Activate FB pedantic warnings by default (is really useful).
=== 0.3.1 / 2007-01-19
* Single Service (SingleMongrel) object type implemented.
* Updated Rakefile to reflect the new building steps.
* Removed SendSignal, too hackish for my taste, replaced with complete FB solution.
* Added basic Process monitoring and re-spawning.
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