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"rake compile" without gcc on windows throws misleading exception message #53

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Roger Pack Luis Lavena
Roger Pack
rdp commented

Noticed that if I "forget" to have gcc on the path, then run rake compile, I get this (somewhat obscure) error message:
Might be nice to make the failure more explicit sometime.

Luis Lavena

@rdp patches are welcome.

Aaron Patterson tenderlove referenced this issue from a commit in tenderlove/rake-compiler
Aaron Patterson tenderlove Merge branch 'master' of
* 'master' of (46 commits)
  Bump version and prepare for release
  Raise error when no make tool was found. Closes #53
  Prepare for release
  Update gemspec dependencies
  Solve deprecations from Cucumber upgrade
  Update development dependencies
  Get rid of RCov
  Update History.txt to reflect latest pull merges
  Bump supported versions for testing
  Narrow the pattern for mingw-gcc down, to only use the 32-bit one
  Generate dummy cross-compile target when no configuration exists.
  Update History.txt to reflect pull request merges
  Add some test harness to latest changes
  Pass extra Rake cmd line args to extconf.rb
  Emit JRuby cross-compile warnings only when actually doing cross-compiles.
  Use Gem::PackageTask consistently also on JavaExtensionTask
  Bump version
  Update History in preparation for a new release
  Update development dependencies (to match Isolate)
  Workaround Gem::Specification limitation. Closes #43
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