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*0.3.3* (April 17, 2008)
* Activate FB pedantic warnings by default (is really useful).
* Added functions to determine parent process in x64 platforms.
* Fixed some scalar to pointer warnings
* Only limit compilation with versions of FB < 0.17.
* Wrap onStart thread calling due function signature changes in FB 0.18.
* Correct usage of Mutex and Conditionals during emulated service mode.
(fixes compilation under FB > 0.18.3b).
*0.3.0* (February 12, 2007)
* ServiceFB is now under MIT license.
* No log file (service.log) will be created unless SERVICEFB_DEBUG_LOG is defined.
That will trim a bit the reported information
*0.2* (October 19, 2006)
* All sample files renamed, basic, advance and complex services.
Please read the description header of each one for more information
* Reimplemented the way fb.svc handles services, allowing now multiple services run
from the same process.
* Implemented ServiceHost: handling of multiple services from the same process (shared)
refer to sample/complex_service.bas
* Added automatic loading of definitions (include file) for ServiceFB Utils namespace
Also must link with ServiceFB_Utils.bas
* ServiceFB now hides privates from the public interface, to avoid peeking ;-)
* Coded console mode for debugging and testing of services (one or many)
*0.1* (October 1, 2006)
* Initial import, basic functionality.
* Included sample service for testing.
* It will dump a basic log using _dprint() logging helper.
* Included Rakefile (used to package each release and compile all).