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Added another test and comparison of chars for 1.9

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1 parent 55946e3 commit b3eb99e6c8706fb3b72ed44bdf47ab6a9ba0824b @luislavena committed Nov 14, 2010
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  1. +7 −4 encoding-output.rb
@@ -6,13 +6,16 @@
line = "Ésta es una línea"
encoded = line.encode(Encoding.default_external)
-puts "length: #{line.length}"
-puts "encoded length: #{encoded.length}"
-puts "bytes: #{line.bytes.to_a.length}"
-puts "encoded bytes: #{encoded.bytes.to_a.length}"
+puts "line.size: #{line.size}"
+puts "encoded.size: #{encoded.size}"
+puts "line.bytesize: #{line.bytesize}"
+puts "encoded.bytesize: #{encoded.bytesize}"
puts line
puts encoded
print line, "\n"
print encoded, "\n"
+line.chars.each { |c| print c }; print "\n"
+encoded.chars.each { |c| print c }; print "\n"

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