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.NET library developed at FJM to interact with Islandora´s core elements such as Fedora and Solr.
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Islandora FJM .NET Library

This is a .NET library developed at Fundación Juan March (Madrid,Spain) to interact with Islandora´s core elements such as Fedora, Solr and RISearch. At this stage only a few modules and classes are included in this library but we plan to release more. The modules and classes included in this release are:

In further releases we will include other modules and classes to interact with RISearch and classes to create and edit MODS or EAC-CPF records.

So far this library has been used for digital collections such as All our art catalogues since 1973, Sim Sala Bim, library of illusionism and Fernandez-Shaw and the musical theatre.

Some documentation

Working with Fedora objects and datastreams

Once configured the right variables in the file IslandoraFJM/ModuleVariables.vb, we can go ahead and create a new digital object

Dim obj As New DigitalObject("testobject:1", "this is a new object", True)

and modify the label of the object with

obj.ModifyObjectLabel("testobject:1", "this is the new label", "log message to change label")

or add an image as a new datastream

obj.add_datastream("IMG", "M", "IMAGE", "image/jpg", "adding an image datastream", "", False)

and add some metadata as a new datastream

obj.add_datastream("MODS", "M", "MODS", "text/xml", "Adding metadata", "", False)

We can remove the metadata datastream


Or add relationships to the RELS-EXT

obj.add_relationship("testobject:1", "info:fedora/fedora-system:def/relations-external#/isMemberofCollection", "info:fedora/collection1:CollectionModel", False)
obj.add_relationship("testobject:1", "info:fedora/fedora-system:def/model#/hasModel", "info:fedora/collection1:ContentModel", True)

We can remove the relationship

obj.remove_relationship("testobject:1", "info:fedora/fedora-system:def/model#/hasModel", "info:fedora/collection1:ContentModel", True)

' Or add a relationship to the RELS-IN

obj.add_relationship("testobject:1" & "/IMG", "info:islandora/islandora-system:def/pageinfo#/width", "500px", True)

'Or load an existing object to perform the previous actions

Dim obj2 As New DigitalObject("islandora:root")

Working with Solr

This module allows to run queries against your Solr index and obtain the results in datasets Check if Solr is running

Dim IsSolrUp as Boolean = Solr_Status_OK

Build the URL for a simple Solr Query

Dim Solr_URL, Query as String 

Dim SolrURLQuery as String = Generate_Solr_Search_URL (Solr_URL, Query)

More complex queries are supported with filter queries, sorting and specified fields to return, pagination and facets

Dim Solr_URL, Query, FilterQuery,Sort,FieldsToReturn as String 
Sort="mods_dateCreated asc"

Dim SolrURLQuery as String = Generate_Solr_Search_URL (Solr_URL, Query, FilterQuery, Sort, FieldsToReturn)

Once we have constructed the Solr Query we can run the query and get the results in a datatable

Dim results as New DataSet
Dim drupal_URL as String ="" ' to build URLs to access the datastreams
Dim Fields, Datastreams as Dictionary(Of String, String)

Fields.Add("PID_admin", "PID")
Fields.Add("Title", "mods_title")
Fields.Add("Date", "mods_dateCreated")

Datastreams.Add("High Res Image","JPG")

results = ReturnDatasetFromSearch(Solr_Query_URL, Drupal_URL, Fields, Datastreams)

Working with PowerTools

This module contains useful functions to work with images and pdfs.

With images it is possible get their height and width or rescale them

Dim img_path, img_name as String
img_path ="C:/Images/"
img_name ="Image1.jpg"

height = getImgHeight(img_path & img_name)
width = getImgWidth(img_path & img_name)

Dim scale as Integer

rescaleJPG(img_name,img_path, scale)

With PDFs you can count the number of pages, OCR them or split them into pages

Dim myfile As String = "myPDF.pdf"
Dim pathIn As String = "C:\Temp\"
Dim pathOut As String = "C:\Temp\"

' convert pdf to images
pdf2JPG(myfile, pathIn, pathOut)

'convert pdf to swf file
pdf2swf(myfile, pathIn, pathOut)

'ocr a pdf to json or text files
Dim firstpage As Integer = 1
Dim lastpage As Integer = 10
pdf2json(myfile, pathIn, pathOut, firstpage, lastpage)
pdf2txt(myfile, pathIn, pathOut)

' calculate number of pages
PDFnum_pages(pathIn & myfile)

' split a pdf into one page pdfs
SplitPDF(file, pathIn, pathOut)

' one function to do all the other processes at once
Dim splitFiles, createJPGs, createTNs, createJSONs, createSWFs As Boolean
splitFiles= True 
createJPGs= True 
createTNs= True
createJSONs= True 
createSWFs= True 

PDF2BookFiles(myfile, pathIn, splitFiles, createJPGs, createTNs, createJSONs, createSWFs)
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