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Overview and quick start

CL-TRAVIS helps you test your Common Lisp projects with Travis and many different Lisp implementations: ABCL, Allegro CL, SBCL, CMUCL, CCL and ECL.

Using it is simple, you don't even have to clone this repository:

  1. Grab the sample .travis.yml file or one from the examples below
  2. Modify it to test your own project
  3. Push it to the root of your project's repository and enable Travis from your GitHub account.

Setting up target Lisps

In the first part of your .travis.yml file, use environment variables to setup test environments. The most important one is LISP. CL-TRAVIS uses it find out which Lisp implementation to install for you. You can use additional variables and specify that some environments are allowed to fail. See Travis's instructions for more possibilities.

    - LISP=allegro
    - "LISP=sbcl FOO=baz"
    - "LISP=ccl FOO=bar"

    - env: LISP=allegro

Running tests

In the second part of the .travis.yml file, pull in any dependencies of your project and use shell commands to run tests.

CL-TRAVIS ensures that CIM and Quicklisp are installed, which means you can conveniently run Lisp code from shell-script snippets in your .travis.yml files, using the CIM's cl command, grabbing any dependencies via Quicklisp's ql:quickload.

Also, ASDF is set up to look for system definitions recursively within your project repository and within the ~/lisp directory, so ql:quickload (or asdf:load-system) will find these before any others.

Here's an example that tests babel against the bleeding edge versions of trivial-features and alexandria but grabs its remaining dependencies through Quicklisp.

  - curl -L | sh
  - git clone --depth=1 git:// ~/lisp/trivial-features
  - git clone git:// ~/lisp/alexandria

  - cl -e '(ql:quickload :babel-tests)
           (unless (babel-tests:run)
             (uiop:quit 1))'


Here's a list of .travis.yml files from various projects using CL-TRAVIS: CFFI, SLIME, Osicat, stumpwm, Babel, trivial-garbage, trivial-features.