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This is a collection of color scripts for IDA Pro. They deal with 
import and export of color themes.

    quick hack to import IDA color theme from exported Windows reg file.
    This script generates a new config file. Backup your original.
    This is a work in progress. It will export a color theme to YAML.
    The corresponding import from YAML functionality is not complete. 
    This contains offsets for individual fields within color palettes.
    It is used by

IDA Color Theme Background:

IDA Colors are stored in the registry or a pseudo registry in the case
of OS X and Linux (~/.idapro/ida.reg).

The keys of interest are:
Palette             REG_BINARY 0x34c
NavPalette          REG_BINARY 0x24 
NavPaletteExtended  REG_BINARY 0x4 
DebuggerPalette     REG_BINARY 0x2c 
ArrowsPalette       REG_BINARY 0x14 
GraphPalette        REG_BINARY 0x3c 
MiscPalette         REG_BINARY 0x10 
HintColorQ          REG_DWORD
AutoHighlightColorQ REG_DWORD

There may be other keys present such as HintColor and
AutoHighlightColor. These are for the legacy idag.exe (non QT).

The Palette key contains the bulk of the color data. Within IDA, 
one can select one of four palettes. This feature is not very useful
as one has to manually modify other fields such as AutoHighlightColorQ.

The Palette offsets listed in only list the first set
of palettes, but these repeat for all four sets. An offset not listed
in the file describes which palette is active.