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Task Manager and Activity List. Organize your to-do lists, work, shopping, movies and home. Regardless of what you plan or how big or small the task is, this app makes things much easier.



  • (General): App oriented to tasks. It allows to manage and manage tasks by categories.
  • (Entering tasks): Allows you to easily add tasks, annotations, and so on. You can also add a note to them.
  • (Edit): The app allows you to modify your tasks (double tap on the task).
  • (Reminders): It has a local notification service, which allows the user to remember their tasks. The pending tasks are analyzed by date (not by hour) and the amount of pending tasks can be seen in the app icon in the laucher. (Once you visit the notification area they disappear in conjunction with local notifications).
  • (Notifications): Apart from the local notifications has a notification area, which can appreciate the icon on the main screen to appreciate them, this allows you to see the notifications that you have pending and past.
  • (CheckList): Once the tasks are finished you can mark them as completed. In the same way the completed tasks will be shown in the lower part if you want to consult later.
  • (Sort tasks by categories): You can create categories to divide your tasks or sort them.
  • (Elimination of tasks and categories): You can delete tasks (double tap on it) and categories (secondary menu main screen).
  • (Local database system): The app has its own database for the persistence of storage and management of tasks locally.
  • (Detail of tasks): You can see the detail of each task (tap the task).


  • This project is not completed. This application was born of a test proposed by a company to complete it in a week. (It was delivered in 2)
  • This project was only tested on the android platform. It can also work on iOS after testing and configuring some controls.
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