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Siemens DevJam 2017

eyeBot is an iOS image-recognition program that allows for easy identification of objects on the go. eyeBot will automatically update the model after each successful scan-- making every scan more accurate than the last.


  • Fast Image-Recognition
  • Real-time Model Training
  • Intuitive Interface
  • History View to present past scans
  • Torch for dark-room settings
  • Completely Open-Source
User Interface Pictures

Launch Screen:
Launch Screen

User Interface:
Note: the text is photoshopped labels for the buttons; they are not in the app itself.

Scan Result Interface:
Scan Screen

Wrong Scan Result Interface:
Wrong Screen


Luis Padron

Chris Perkins

Chris Sansavera


Make sure to have CocoaPods installed
To build and run the application from the EyeBot directory run

pod install

Then open the .xcworkspace file.

Change the token variable found in "AppDelegate.swift" on line 19 to your Einstein Vision Token
Note: Our token is expired. We left it in on purpose. :)
On line 282 of "ViewController.swift", change the model to the model you trained.

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