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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright (C) 2006-2010 Luis Pedro Coelho <>
# vim: set ts=4 sts=4 sw=4 expandtab smartindent:
# License: MIT (see COPYING file)
from __future__ import division
import numpy as np
__all__ = ['thin']
def thin(binimg):
skel = thin(binimg)
Skeletonisation by thinning
binimg : Binary input image
skel : Skeletonised version of `binimg`
from .bbox import bbox
from ._thin import thin as _thin
res = np.zeros_like(binimg)
min0,max0,min1,max1 = bbox(binimg)
r,c = (max0-min0,max1-min1)
image_exp = np.zeros((r+2, c+2), bool)
image_exp[1:r+1, 1:c+1] = binimg[min0:max0,min1:max1]
imagebuf = np.empty((r+2,c+2), bool)
_thin(image_exp, imagebuf)
res[min0:max0,min1:max1] = image_exp[1:r+1, 1:c+1]
return res
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