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Local Binary Patterns

Local binary patterns depend on the local region around each pixel. See the diagram below:

Neighbourhood illustration

(Image reference: Wikipedia)

The reference pixel is in red, at the centre. A number of points are defined at a distance r from it. These are the green points. As you go from left to right, the number of green points increases.

The "pattern" in the name is the relationship of the value at the green points when compared to the central red point. We call it a binary pattern because all that is taken into account is whether the value at the green point is greater than the value at the red point.

As you can see, the green points do not necessarily fall exactly on another pixel, so we need to use interpolation to find a value for the green points.

API Documentation

The module contains the lbp function which implements LBPs.

.. automodule:: mahotas.features.lbp