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Speeded-Up Robust Features

.. versionadded:: 0.8
   In version 0.8, some of the inner functions are now in
   instead of

Speeded-Up Robust Features (SURF) are a recent innovation in the local features family. There are two steps to this algorithm:

  1. Detection of interest points.
  2. Description of interest points.

The function combines the two steps:

import numpy as np
from mahotas.features import surf

f = ... # input image
spoints =
print("Nr points: {}".format(len(spoints)))

Given the results, we can perform a simple clustering using, for example, milk (nowadays, scikit-learn would be a better choice):

    import milk

    # spoints includes both the detection information (such as the position
    # and the scale) as well as the descriptor (i.e., what the area around
    # the point looks like). We only want to use the descriptor for
    # clustering. The descriptor starts at position 5:
    descrs = spoints[:,5:]

    # We use 5 colours just because if it was much larger, then the colours
    # would look too similar in the output.
    k = 5
    values, _  = milk.kmeans(descrs, k)
    colors = np.array([(255-52*i,25+52*i,37**i % 101) for i in xrange(k)])
    values = np.zeros(100)
    colors = [(255,0,0)]

So we are assigning different colours to each of the possible

The helper surf.show_surf draws coloured polygons around the interest points:

f2 = surf.show_surf(f, spoints[:100], values, colors)

Running the above on a photo of luispedro, the author of mahotas yields:

.. plot:: ../../mahotas/demos/

API Documentation

The module contains separate functions for all the steps in the SURF pipeline.

.. automodule::