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Python Morphology Toolbox

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This image morphology toolbox implements the basic binary and greyscale morphology operations, working with numpy arrays representing images.

This is a pure Python package which is the companion package to the book "Hands-on Morphological Image Processing." It has been updated to work with numpy and the names and interfaces have been Pythonised.

Includes basic operations such as - erode - dilate - open - tophat opening - watershed - ...



API Documentation:

Mailing List: Use the pythonvision mailing list for questions, bug submissions, etc.


One of

pip install pymorph
easy_install pymorph

or download and run

python install

See Also

The package mahotas implements some of the same functions in C++ and, so, it is much faster (even if it is not as feature-full).

This tutorial on getting started with pymorph and mahotas will be very useful if you're completely new to numpy, pymorph and pyhton in general.

Status & Future Plans

The package is actively maintained and any reported bug will be fixed fast.

Currently there are no known bugs (although testing coverage is not complete).

When all functions have a corresponding unit test and the whole of the API documentation has been re-written into numpy rst format, I will release version 1.0.

Authors, Copyright & License

Copyright 2003, Roberto A. Lotufo, UNICAMP-University of Campinas; CenPRA-Renato Archer Research Center, Rubens C. Machado.

Copyright 2008-2010, Luis Pedro Coelho <>

The original package was written by RAF and RCM. Starting June 2008 (with release 0.88), LPC updated the code to run on the more modern numpy base and started fixing bugs and maintaining the package.

Pymorph is ruled by the BSD License Terms:

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