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This repository contains a series of GraphQL step by step examples.

graphql-countries-part1 shows how to create a simple GraphQL Service that fetches hard-coded countries data. The example shows how to create a GraphQL Schema (With Object and Query types) and a resolver based on the Apollo GraphQL implementation.

graphql-countries-part2 is a continuation of graphql-countries-part1, where code is refactored to separate concerns by keeping server.js light and reference the Graph schema and resolvers from different files. In this sample, we'll also implement the REST Countries API as a backend data source.

graphql-countries-part3 is a continuation of graphql-countries-part2, where code is extended to also support Mutations. In this sample, we'll also make use of RequestBin to simulate POST calls against an REST backend.

sqllite-rest-mongo-backend A project based on the tutorial How to build a GraphQL server by Jonas Helfer showing to implement a graphql service that talks with SQL, MongoDB and REST.