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Add \\( and \\[ as mathjax delimiters #239

merged 1 commit into from Nov 26, 2019


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bebound commented Nov 25, 2019


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  • This pull request introduces breaking change.


\(...\) and \[...\] are widely used latex equation delimiters, so add them into delimiter option.

Issues Resolved

Now mathjax and katex should be able to render \\(x\\) properly.


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  • If you have changed any SCSS code, run make release to regenerate all CSS files


  • Add yourself to if you aren't on it already
displayMath: [
['$$', '$$']
['$', '$'], ['\\(', '\\)']

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luizdepra Nov 25, 2019


I think we still need displayMath here. Shouldn't it be something like this here:

    inlineMath: [
      ['$', '$'], ['\\(', '\\)']
    displayMath: [
      ['$$', '$$'], ['\\[', '\\]']

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bebound Nov 26, 2019

Author Contributor

The default option has treated $$ and \\[ as delimiters, so we don't need to override displayMath. Remove it should be fine.

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luizdepra Nov 26, 2019


Ok. Undestood.


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luizdepra commented Nov 26, 2019

Thank you.

@luizdepra luizdepra merged commit 64a613c into luizdepra:master Nov 26, 2019
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joshuous added a commit to joshuous/hugo-coder that referenced this pull request Nov 26, 2019
* coder/master:
  Add \\( and \\[ as mathjax delimiters (luizdepra#239)
  adding swedish i18n file and adding target for social icons (luizdepra#238)
  Automatic dark/light colorschemes (luizdepra#234)
  Update fontawesome to v5.11.2 in default layout. (luizdepra#236)
  Make LaTeX compatible with MathJax version 3 (luizdepra#230)
  Add Japanese translation (luizdepra#228)
  Adjust dark mode colorscheme (luizdepra#225)
  Italian Translation (luizdepra#221)
  Russian translation (luizdepra#220)
  Turkish translation (luizdepra#218)
  Use updated mathjax provided by jsdelivr. (luizdepra#215)
  Add Stackbit Integration (luizdepra#208)
  fix typo in french translation (luizdepra#213)
  Translate to French (luizdepra#207)
  add support for (luizdepra#205)
  main link does not switch back to default language if in another language (luizdepra#202)
  disqus: fixed issue luizdepra#199 (luizdepra#200)
  Check if commentoUrl is set before using it. (luizdepra#198)
  Commento (luizdepra#196)
  Home rel link (luizdepra#195)
  Translate to Spanish (luizdepra#193)
  Translate to German (luizdepra#192)
  Create zh-cn.toml (luizdepra#189)
  Add .html to partials (luizdepra#188)
  Change relLangURL to safeURL in the header (luizdepra#183)
  Add custom_js site param for enabling custom js (luizdepra#182)
  use safeHTML in footer (luizdepra#181)
  fix taxonomy & multilingual typo (luizdepra#177)
  replace .URL with .RelPermalink (luizdepra#176)
  update normalize version (luizdepra#175)
  updated fontawesome version (luizdepra#174)
  Replace deprecated .Hugo with hugo. (luizdepra#171)
  Fix HTML lang attribute (luizdepra#169)
  Add KaTeX support (luizdepra#164)
  don't show empty See also for series (luizdepra#166)
  Fix empty hrefs in 404 page (luizdepra#162)
  Add see also section to posts footer (luizdepra#152)
  Fix links (luizdepra#154)
  Fix external link on pages list (luizdepra#153)
  Fix HTML5 validation for Google Fonts (luizdepra#151)
  Fix HTML syntax for aria-hidden attribute (luizdepra#148)
  Fix <link/> tag for RSS feeds (luizdepra#149)
  Add OpenGraph to each page (luizdepra#147)
  Remove hugow (luizdepra#146)
  Add missing built css files
  Fix pagination style (luizdepra#145)
  Add pt-br i18n (luizdepra#144)
  Add external link feature for posts (luizdepra#141)
  Fix hidden nav button on inverted (luizdepra#140)
  Easy customize (luizdepra#138)
  Add simple figure style for content class (luizdepra#130)
  Add Twitter Cards to each page (luizdepra#133)
  Fix multilingual home page avatar (luizdepra#134)
  Fix homepage main content section vertical align (luizdepra#118)
  Add missing pages
  Add HUGO_BIN into Makefile
  bug(base-url): change from site url to page url (luizdepra#131)
  Improve icons accessibility (luizdepra#127)
  Upgrade Hugo to v0.52/extended (luizdepra#124)
  Update PR template (luizdepra#125)
  Fix code indent (luizdepra#123)
  Revert flex on body
  Change copyright year to be current (luizdepra#121)
  Update deprecated device-width media queries (luizdepra#120)
  Add trailing slash to remove redirects. (luizdepra#112)
  Accept boolean as well as string (luizdepra#119)
  Add inverted variables option (luizdepra#110)
  Add pull request template (luizdepra#115)
  Remove flexbox on body (luizdepra#114)
  Correct instructions in (luizdepra#111)
  Add CONTRIBUTORS file (luizdepra#101)
  Taxonomy initial commit, tags and categories (luizdepra#90)
  Fixed reference to old variable name (luizdepra#103)
  Enhance post header (luizdepra#100)
  Upgrade Hugo to v0.49.2 (luizdepra#102)
  Adding the ability to have git commit hash in the footer (luizdepra#78)
  Crossorigin=Anonymous on theme css  (luizdepra#97)
  Added link to Hugo project website (luizdepra#92)
  Fix missing Netlify configuration
  Enhance Makefile and Netlify deployment (luizdepra#91)
  Refactor Makefile
  Post refactor to hold everything its own (luizdepra#88)
  Upgrade hugo to 0.49/extended (luizdepra#89)
  Fix social icons
  Improve README
  Update FontAwesome (luizdepra#83)
  Fix assets permalinks
  Add resources folder
  Add dateformat config
  Update images
  Style refactor (luizdepra#77)
  Updated favicon to support alternative file names and paths (luizdepra#81)
  Use hugo-wrapper for demo target of exampleSite (luizdepra#74)
  Fix demo for theme site
  Fix navigation (luizdepra#73)
  Enable RTL layout by providing 'rtl = true' in the config (luizdepra#72)
  Add social icons
  Remove resources folder
  Improve README.
  Add SCSS via Asset Pipeline (luizdepra#65)
  Add style enhancements for AsciiDoc (luizdepra#67)
  Update logos and screenshots
  Mobile menu (luizdepra#63)
bebound added a commit to bebound/hugo-coder that referenced this pull request Nov 26, 2019
Add \\( and \\[ as mathjax delimiters (luizdepra#239)
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