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testing creating graphs that represent container file systems
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Container Tree

DOI CircleCI

This is a library that demonstrates different methods to build container trees. Across different kinds of trees, we generate a Trie to represent a file or container hierarchy. We can either generate trees, or comparison matrices using them! Learn more by reading the documentation, or follow links to related tools below.

If you want to jump in, check out how to create a Container File Tree as shown here.


These are under development! Here are some quick examples:


Github Actions

If you want to deploy a container tree to Github pages alongside your Dockerfile, meaning that you can add and update a visualization on every change to your repository, see vsoch/containertree and the tree it deploys here. The Dockerfile in the subfolder here is the driver to do the extraction. To read a writeup of the work, see this post.

The examples and their generation are provided in each of the subfolders of the examples directory.

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