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Commits on May 14, 2019
  1. set up pre-commit (#3)

    luizirber committed May 14, 2019
    Add more tasks to tox:
    - lint checks using pre-commit hooks
    - coverage
    - checks for docs
Commits on May 13, 2019
  1. Adding alphabets as a parameter for strategies (#1)

    luizirber committed May 13, 2019
    This PR avoids hardcoding a nucleotide alphabet (ACGT) and let the user choose other pre-defined alphabets, including RNA and Protein.
Commits on May 7, 2019
  1. Add README and PyPI classifiers

    luizirber committed May 7, 2019
  2. set up coverage properly

    luizirber committed May 7, 2019
    Since the package is being installed from a package (and not
    installed with develop) we need to find where inside .tox it lives.
    Turns out there is a tox template variable for that.
Commits on May 6, 2019
  1. Refactor sequence into a composite strategy

    luizirber committed May 6, 2019
    First set of tests, still based on what hypothesis-{csv,networkx}
    are doing.
    Note: both of them are using removed features in 4.x (current major),
    so maybe try to find a newer project?
  2. bring strategies from khmer#1324

    luizirber committed May 6, 2019
    A long time ago I made some strategies for testing khmer with
    hypothesis, but the PR was never merged (or properly finished).
    Adding them here to start refactoring and making them more useful in
    Original PR: dib-lab/khmer#1324
  3. initial skeleton

    luizirber committed May 6, 2019
    This is based on the base structure of hypothesis-csv:
    and hypothesis-networkx:
    with a few extras:
      - uses flit for packaging
      - use tox for managing tests
      - use black for code formatting
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