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My websites

A banner image for this repository

In this repository I keep the websites that I make. It's kind of a mess, I'm figuring this out as I go along.
Smaller websites are kept in the webpages folder.

It's published to a webhost and it serves as my resume and portfolio. My websites are in English but some documentation be in Dutch. Descriptions of projects are stored in the data-folder and can be viewed at the projects/{name} path.

I currently only make websites for learning or for fun. All my code is open source, so if I ever make something nice everyone can use it.

In my other repository I only do server-side programming. With this one the server-side is only for the portfolio project.


Project highlights

  • Resume

    This repository is a project itself.

  • Simulare

    A simulation of bacteria.

  • Faunadex

    Scan an animal to get information about it.

  • Solaris

    A simple model of the solar system.

  • Breakout

    My version of the classic game.

To do

  • Finish project pages
  • Make a robot with Arduino
  • Standard stylesheet for re-use in future projects
  • Tensorflow chatbot
  • Pokédex for animals
  • Simulation of bacteria
  • Chat app (Mostly done)
  • Solar system model (May want to make an improved version)

Things to learn

  • 3d graphics

  • Cryptography

  • Information theory (Don't really know what it means...)

  • Algorithms

  • C / C++

    • Arduino programming
  • AI and machine learning

  • Node.js

    • Mongo DB
    • EJS
  • Regex

  • Latex

  • Markdown (Duh)

  • Python (My favorite language)

  • PHP (Not interested anymore)

  • SQL

  • Git (A little)

  • JavaScript (A lot)

    • jQuery
    • CoffeeScript
  • CSS

    • Sass
  • Html

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