A modern macOS markdown editor - themeable, tabs, sidebar, github flavored markdown, exporting, latex and more
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Twig is lightweight macOS markdown editor. It's currently a work in progress.

It is a document based application, and aims to follow Apple's Human Interface Guidelines


Feature Completed?
Themeable Yes
Math support (LaTeX subset) Yes
Github flavored markdown Yes
Exporting to PDF, HTML, TXT, RST, RTF Partly - contribute
Toggleable split view Yes
Full screen support Yes
Tab support Yes
Workspace/folder support Partly - contribute
Horizontal and vertical split view Yes
Ability to create custom .css themes Yes
Sparkle auto updating framework No - contribute
Ability to share .md files Yes
Syntax highlighting for source and preview Yes
Autosaving Yes
Version control and history recovery Yes
Markdown shortcuts Yes
Auto pair markdown tags No - contribute
Custom font Yes
Ability to edit preview .css No - contribute
Word count Yes


See CONTRIBUTING.md for details on how to contribute.


Twig is still in its very early stages, so if you encounter any bugs or have a feature request please raise an issue!

Install via Homebrew Cask

$ brew cask install twig

Manual Download

Visit the releases page to download manually.


Download via Homebrew Cask

$ brew cask remove twig

Downloaded Manually

$ rm -r /Applications/Twig.app
$ rm -r ~/Library/Caches/io.github.lukakerr.twig


To build and run, clone this repository, open in Xcode and hit "Run".

$ git clone git@github.com:lukakerr/twig.git
$ cd twig
$ pod install
$ open Twig.xcworkspace