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Elasticsearch .NET Client
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Repository for both Elasticsearch.Net and NEST, the two official elasticsearch .NET clients.

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Bleeding edge package:
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  • Low-level client that provides a one-to-one mapping with the Elasticsearch REST API
  • No dependencies
  • Almost completely generated from the official REST API spec which makes it easy to keep up to date
  • Comes with an integration test suite that can be generated from the YAML test definitions that the Elasticsearch core team uses to test their REST API
  • Has no opinions on how you create or consume requests and responses
  • Load balancing and cluster failover support
  • All calls have async variants

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  • High-level client that internally uses the low-level Elasticsearch.Net client
  • Maps requests and responses to strongly typed objects with a fluent interface and object initializer syntax to build them
  • Comes with a very powerful query DSL thats maps one-to-one with Elasticsearch
  • Takes advantage of .NET features where they make sense (i.e., covariant IEnumerable<T> result types, type and index inference)
  • All calls have async variants

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