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Paste in Filter Macro Download

Short description:

Paste in Filter allows you to paste unfiltered content into a filterd area by skipping all filtered (hidden) rows.


  • Choose the worksheet and cell you want to paste into
  • Select between 3 different modes for copying

Demo (Video):


  • Open Excel
  • Goto File -> Options -> Add-ins
  • Click on Go... next to "Manage: Excel Add-ins" at the bottom
  • Click on Browse...
  • Paste the *.xla-file from the download in the folder which just opened
  • Select the *.xla-file and click "OK"
  • Click "OK" again on the Add-ins window

How to use:

  • Open Excel and select the area which should be copied. (Copying itself is not necessary)
  • Goto Add-ins in the tab-menu
  • Click on Paste in Filter
  • Select the worksheet
  • Enter the row and column (Example: E 7)
  • Select a mode for copying:
Mode Explanation
Relative formula Copy and paste the formula relative (will change the cell references inside the formula relative to the new area)
Absolute formula Copy and paste the formula absolute (won't change the cell references)
Value Copy and paste values only
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