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An icon font providing popular linux distro's logos
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Available logos

Font-logos is an icon font containing logos of popular linux distributions and other open source software for inclusion in websites.


Note: All brand icons are trademarks of their respective owners and should only be used to represent the company or product to which they refer.

To use the font, include assets/font-logos.css as well as the fonts in your project and use the CSS classes listed below.

<link href="/assets/fontlogos.css" rel="stylesheet">

Or just link to it using jsDelivr:

<link href="//" rel="stylesheet">

Available logos are:

Distribution CSS class Inclusion code
Alpine fl-alpine <span class="fl-alpine"></span>
AOSC OS fl-aosc <span class="fl-aosc"></span>
Arch Linux fl-archlinux <span class="fl-archlinux"></span>
Apple fl-apple <span class="fl-apple"></span>
CentOS fl-centos <span class="fl-centos"></span>
CoreOS fl-coreos <span class="fl-coreos"></span>
Debian fl-debian <span class="fl-debian"></span>
Devuan fl-devuan <span class="fl-devuan"></span>
Docker fl-docker <span class="fl-docker"></span>
elementary OS fl-elementary <span class="fl-elementary"></span>
Fedora fl-fedora[-inverse] <span class="fl-fedora"></span>
FreeBSD fl-freebsd <span class="fl-freebsd"></span>
Gentoo fl-gentoo <span class="fl-gentoo"></span>
Linux Mint fl-linuxmint[-inverse] <span class="fl-linuxmint"></span>
Mageia fl-mageia <span class="fl-mageia"></span>
Manjaro fl-manjaro <span class="fl-manjaro"></span>
Mandriva fl-mandriva <span class="fl-mandriva"></span>
NixOS fl-nixos <span class="fl-nixos"></span>
OpenSUSE fl-opensuse <span class="fl-opensuse"></span>
Raspberry Pi fl-raspberry-pi <span class="fl-raspberry-pi"></span>
Red Hat fl-redhat <span class="fl-redhat"></span>
Sabayon fl-sabayon <span class="fl-sabayon"></span>
Slackware fl-slackware[-inverse] <span class="fl-slackware"></span>
Tux fl-tux <span class="fl-tux"></span>
Ubuntu fl-ubuntu[-inverse] <span class="fl-ubuntu"></span>


  • This project uses fontcustom to compile vectors into fonts.
  • wkhtmltopdf is used to generate this readme's preview image.

Compilation of the vectors

After making changes to one of the vectors, the fonts have to be recompiled. From the root directory, run:

fontcustom compile

To compile everything including the readme's preview.png, run:

sh ./

To stage the new revision:

git add assets .fontcustom-manifest.json
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