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WordPress plugin for adding AMP support
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AMP for WordPress

Banner Enable Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) on your WordPress site.

Contributors: batmoo, joen, automattic, potatomaster, albertomedina, google, xwp, westonruter
Tags: amp, mobile
Requires at least: 4.7
Tested up to: 4.9
Stable tag: 0.7.2
License: GPLv2 or later
Requires PHP: 5.3.2

Build Status Built with Grunt


Bring the speed and features of the open source AMP project to your site, the WordPress way.

With the plugin active, all posts on your site will have AMP-compatible versions, accessible by appending /amp/ to the end your post URLs. For example, if your post URL is, you can access the AMP version at If you do not have pretty permalinks enabled, you can do the same thing by appending ?amp=1, i.e.

Also, your pages and custom post types can have AMP versions. Simply check their boxes on the 'AMP Settings' page in /wp-admin.

Your entire site can render as "Native AMP" if your theme calls add_theme_support( 'amp' ). There will only be one version of each URL: the AMP version. There won't be separate URLs with /amp or ?amp appended. See this wiki page for details and restrictions.

Your theme can also use Paired Mode, with your own custom templates for the AMP URLs.

"Native AMP" and "Paired Mode" add full support for commenting and widgets.

If your theme doesn't support 'amp', this will use basic legacy post templates for AMP consumers like Google Search and Twitter. And when visiting the site, the AMP content won't normally appear without appending strings to the URL like /amp or ?amp.

Follow along with or contribute to the development of this plugin on GitHub. For more information on the plugin, how the plugin works and how to configure and extend it, please see the project wiki.


Post rendered in AMP template.

Post rendered in AMP template.

Customizing appearance of AMP template.

Customizing appearance of AMP template.

Article from New York Post showing customized AMP template.

Article from New York Post showing customized AMP template.

Article from TNW showing customized AMP template.

Article from TNW showing customized AMP template.

Article from Halfbrick showing customized AMP template.

Article from Halfbrick showing customized AMP template.


  1. Upload the folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  3. You may need to refresh your permalinks by going to Settings > Permalinks and tapping the Save button.


1.0 (unreleased)

To learn how to use the new features in this release, please see the wiki pages for Adding Theme Support and Implementing Interactivity.

  • Add runtime CSS minification, !important replacement, and tree shaking. See #1048, #1111, #1142. Props westonruter, amedina, pbakaus, igrigorik, camelburrito.
  • Add ability to acknowledge and suppress/ignore specific validation errors. See #1003. Props westonruter.
  • Extend admin screen options to add amp theme support without any coding required. Toggle between classic, paired, and native. Includes options for whether sanitization should be done by default and whether tree shaking should always be allowed. See #1199. Props westonruter.
  • Add support for three core themes (Twenty Fifteen, Twenty Sixteen, Twenty Seventeen) so that they can be used out of the box with AMP theme support added without needing to create a child theme. See #1074. Props westonruter, DavidCramer, kienstra.
  • Add support for allowing a site subset to be native AMP. See #1235. Props westonruter.
  • Add AMP menu item to admin bar on frontend with indication of AMP validation status; accessing an AMP URL that has unaccepted validation errors will redirect to the non-AMP page and cause the AMP admin bar item to indicate the failure, along with a link to access the validation results. See #1199. Props westonruter.
  • Add dynamic handling of validation errors. See #1093, #1063, #1087. Props westonruter.
  • Add AMP validation of blocks. See #1019. Props westonruter.
  • Add AMP-specific functionality to core blocks. See #1026, #1008. Props miina.
  • Add AMP media blocks (when in native AMP mode). See #1155. Props miina.
  • Add embed handler for Gfycat. See #1136. Props miina.
  • Add amp-mathml block. See #1165. Props miina.
  • Add Gutenberg amp-timeago block. See #1168. Props miina.
  • Add amp-fit-text support to text blocks. See #1151. Props miina.
  • Fix handling of font stylesheets with non-HTTPS scheme or scheme-less URLs. See #1077. Props westonruter.
  • Fix issues in displaying native blocks. See #1022. Props miina.
  • Gutenberg: Add AMP Carousel for Gallery and AMP Lightbox features for Gallery and Image. See #1121, #1065, #1187. Props miina, westonruter.
  • Cache post processor response. See #1156, #959. Props ThierryA.
  • Automatically redirect to ?amp from /amp/ URLs when amp theme support is present. See #1203, #1194. Props westonruter.
  • Incorporate Server Timing API. See #990. Props westonruter.
  • Add information about stylesheets included and excluded in style[amp-custom]. See #1135. Props westonruter.
  • Fetch (local) stylesheets with @import, instead of removing them. See #1181. Props miina.
  • Fetch external stylesheets (which aren't from whitelisted font CDNs) to include in amp-custom style. See #1174. Props miina.
  • Transform CSS selectors according to sanitizer HTML element to AMP component conversions. See #1175. Props miina, westonruter.
  • Ensure layout attributes are only allowed on supporting elements. See #1075. Props westonruter.
  • Correct the width attribute in col tags to the equivalent CSS rule. See #1064. Props amedina.
  • Remove space from data: url() in stylesheets. See #1164, #1089. Props amedina, JonHendershot, westonruter, mehigh, davisshaver, Mte90.
  • Fix inconsistency between singular and plural. See #1114. Props garrett-eclipse.
  • Disable AMP admin menu option when the AMP Customizer is not enabled or theme support is enabled. See #1080. Props oscarssanchez.
  • Allow spaces around commas in value property lists. See #1112. Props westonruter.
  • Restore admin bar on AMP pages and improve AMP menu items. See #1219. Props westonruter.
  • Display admin notice if there's no persistent object caching. See #1050. Props oscarssanchez.
  • Add workaround to preserve CSS calc() functions. See #1116. Props westonruter.
  • Add sanitizer to support amp-o2-player. See #1202. Props juanchaur1.
  • Add Amp_Embed_Sanitizer. See #1128. Props juanchaur1.
  • Add AMP_Script_Sanitizer to replace noscript elements with their contents. See #1226. Props westonruter.
  • Fix header image filtering and YouTube header video detection. See #1208. Props westonruter.
  • Improve support for Hulu & Imgur embeds. See #1218. Props miina.
  • Update spec generated from amphtml to file revision 642 (commit 3953b25). See #1172. Props westonruter.
  • PHPCS fixes, including PHP DocBlocks and strict comparisons. See #1002. Props paulschreiber.
  • Add script to create built tag. See #1209. Props westonruter.
  • Fix handling of amp-bind attributes to ensure that “>” can appear inside attribute values. See #1119. Props westonruter.
  • Tree-shake CSS selectors for HTML elements that target non-active languages. See #1221. Props westonruter.
  • Redirect to post list table in case of admin bar validate request failure. See #1229. Props westonruter.
  • Prevent erroneously tree-shaking keyframe selectors like from, to, and percentages. See #1211. Props westonruter.
  • Add caching of redirect to non-AMP URL when validation errors present. See #1207. Props westonruter.
  • Move any content output during shutdown to be injected before closing body tag. See #1102. Props westonruter.
  • Fix obtaining source for widgets. See #1212. Props westonruter.
  • Construct meta script by appending text node. See #1220. Props westonruter.
  • Eliminate amp-wp-enforced-sizes style from theme support stylesheet. See #1153. Props westonruter.
  • Add support for extracting (pixel) dimensions from SVG images. See #1150. Props westonruter.
  • Ensure redirect is only done if there are unsanitized errors. See #1241. Props westonruter.
  • Deprecate AMP_WP_Utils, in favor of wp_parse_url(). See #995. Props paulschreiber.
  • Add WP-CLI script to test support for blocks. See #845. Props kienstra.
  • Ensure translatable strings in blocks can actually be translated. See #1173. Props miina, swissspidy, westonruter.
  • Prevent is_amp_endpoint() from triggering notice when called on login, signup, or activate screens. See #1250. Props felixarntz.

For a full list of the closed issues and merged pull requests in this release, see the 1.0 milestone.

0.7.2 (2018-06-27)

  • Prevent plugins from outputting custom scripts in classic templates via wp_print_scripts action. See #1225, #1227. Props westonruter.
  • Introduce amp_render_scripts() to print AMP component scripts and nothing else. See #1227. Props westonruter.
  • Display image data for 'attachment' post type. See #1157, #1176. Props kienstra.
  • Output alt attribute in legacy templating gravatar image. See #1179. Props kienstra.

See 0.7.2 milestone.

0.7.1 (2018-05-23)

  • Limit showing AMP validation warnings to when amp theme support is present. See #1132. Props westonruter.
  • Supply the extracted dimensions to images determined to need them; fixes regression from 0.6 this is key for Gutenberg compat. See #1117. Props westonruter.
  • Ensure before/after is amended to filtered comment_reply_link. See #1118. Props westonruter.
  • Force VideoPress to use html5 player for AMP. See #1125. Props yurynix.
  • Soft-deprecate AMP_Base_Sanitizer::get_body_node() instead of hard-deprecating it (with triggered notice). See #1141. Props westonruter.
  • Pass '/' as an argument to home_url(), preventing possible 404. See #1158, #1161. Props kienstra.
  • Deprecate Jetpack helper and some parts of WPCOM helper for Jetpack 6.2. See #1149. Props gravityrail.

See 0.7.1 milestone.

0.7.0 (2018-05-03)

  • Render an entire site as "Native AMP" if the theme calls add_theme_support( 'amp' ). See #857, #852, #865, #888. Props westonruter, kaitnyl, ThierryA.
  • Use the AMP spec to automatically discover the required AMP component scripts to include on the page while post-processing. See #882, #885. Props westonruter.
  • Automatically concatenate stylesheets from style tags with loaded stylesheets from link tags combined in one style[amp-custom]. See #887, #890, #935. Props westonruter.
  • Update serialization to use HTML instead of XML; update minimum version of PHP fro, 5.2 to 5.3. See #891.
  • Add support for widgets. See #870. Props kienstra.
  • Add support for forms. See #907, #923. Props DavidCramer.
  • Use "Paired Mode" if the theme calls add_theme_support( 'amp' ) and passes a 'template_dir' value for the AMP templates. See #856, #877. Props westonruter, kaitnyl.
  • Add AMP implementations of audio/video playlists. See #954. Props kienstra.
  • Allow full Customization when the theme supports 'amp'. See #952. Props westonruter.
  • Add support for all default WordPress widgets. See #921, #917. Props kienstra, westonruter.
  • Add support for more default embeds: Issuu, Post, Meetup, Reddit, Screencast, Tumblr, and WordPress Plugin Directory. See #889. Props kaitnyl.
  • Allow native WordPress commenting, in fully valid AMP. See #1024, #1029, #871, #909. Props DavidCramer, westonruter.
  • Add a UI for displaying validation errors, including invalid tags and attributes, with tracing for the source for each error according to which theme/plugin's shortcode, widget, or other hook is responsible. Includes debug mode to suspend sanitizer. See #971, #1012, #1016. Props westonruter, kienstra.
  • On activating a plugin, validate a front-end page and display a notice if there were errors. See #971. Props westonruter, kienstra.
  • Creation of AMP-related notifications, on entering invalid content in the 'classic' editor. See #912. Props kienstra, westonruter, ThierryA.
  • Optionally use <amp-live-list> to display comments, avoiding full-page refreshes on adding comments. And enable making requests for an <amp-live-list>, like for displaying posts. See #1029, #915. Props DavidCramer, westonruter.
  • Support <amp-bind>, enabling more dynamic elements. See #895. Props westonruter.
  • Add output buffering, ensuring the entire page is valid AMP. See #929, #857, #931. Props westonruter, ThierryA.
  • Add validation of host names in URLs. See #983. Props rubengonzalezmrf.
  • Add WP-CLI scripts to test AMP support of comments and widgets. See #924, #859. Props DavidCramer, kienstra.
  • Improve test coverage, including for AMP_Theme_Support. See #1034. Props DavidCramer, kienstra.
  • Update the generated sanitizer file to the AMP spec, and simplify the file that generates it. See #929, #926. Props westonruter.
  • Several sanitizer updates, including for styles, and preventing valid tags from being removed. See #935, #944, #952. Props westonruter, davisshaver.
  • Improve sanitization of <amp-img>, <amp-video>, and <amp-iframe>. See #937, #1054. Props kienstra, amedina.
  • Fix an issue where the JSON inside <script type="application/json"> was wrapped with CDATA. See #891. Props westonruter.
  • Allow use of AMP components outside of AMP documents, including in PWA. See #1013. Props westonruter.
  • Access the AMP query var with amp_get_slug(), instead of AMP_QUERY_VAR. See #986. Props westonruter, mjangda.
  • Update build scripts, including PHP versions in .travis.yml. See #1058, #949. Props westonruter.
  • Prevent New Relic script from being injected in AMP responses. See #932. Props westonruter.
  • Fix handling of 0 and empty height/width attributes. See #979. Props davisshaver.

For a full list of the closed issues and merged pull requests in this release, see the 0.7 milestone.

Contributors in this release, including design, development, testing, and project management: Adam Silverstein (adamsilverstein), Alberto Medina (amedina), Christian Chung (christianc1), Claudio Sossi, David Cramer (DavidCramer), Davis Shaver (davisshaver), Douglas Paul (douglyuckling), Jason Johnston (jhnstn), Joshua Wold (jwold), Kaitlyn (kaitnyl), Leo Postovoit (postphotos), Mackenzie Hartung (MackenzieHartung), Maxim Siebert (MaximSiebert), Mike Crantea (mehigh), Mohammad Jangda (mjangda), Oscar Sanchez (oscarssanchez), Philip John (philipjohn), Piotr Delawski (delawski), Renato Alves (renatonascalves), Rubén (rubengonzalezmrf), Ryan Kienstra (kienstra), Thierry Muller (ThierryA), vortfu, Weston Ruter (westonruter), Ziga Sancin (zigasancin).

0.6.2 (2018-02-28)

  • Improve logic and use of escaping; limit flushing rewrite rules to only when supported_post_types change. See #953. Props philipjohn, westonruter.
  • Fix AMP preview icon in Firefox. See #920. Props zigasancin.

0.6.1 (2018-02-09)

Version bump to re-release plugin in order to deal with missing file in 0.6.0 release package that caused fatal error.

0.6.0 (2018-01-23)

  • Add support for the "page" post type. A new page.php is introduced with template parts factored out (html-start.php, header.php, footer.php, html-end.php) and re-used from single.php. Note that AMP URLs will end in ?amp instead of /amp/. See #825. Props technosailor, ThierryA, westonruter.
  • Add AMP post preview button alongside non-AMP preview button. See #813. Props ThierryA, westonruter.
  • Add ability to disable AMP on a per-post basis via toggle in publish metabox. See #813. Props ThierryA, westonruter.
  • Add AMP settings admin screen for managing which post types have AMP support, eliminating the requirement to add add_post_type_support() calls in theme or plugin. See #811. Props ThierryA, westonruter.
  • Add generator meta tag for AMP. See #810. Props vaporwavre.
  • Add code quality checking via phpcs, eslint, jscs, and jshint. See #795. Props westonruter.
  • Add autoloader to reduce complexity. See #828. Props mikeschinkel, westonruter, ThierryA.
  • Fix Polldaddy amd SoundCloud embeds. Add vanilla WordPress "embed" test page. A new bin/create-embed-test-post.php WP-CLI script is introduced. See #829. Props kienstra, westonruter, ThierryA.
  • Merge AMP Customizer into main Customizer. See #819. Props kaitnyl, westonruter.
  • Update AMP HTML tags and attributes. A new bin/ bash script is introduced. Fixes Playbuzz. See #823. Props kienstra, ThierryA, westonruter.
  • Remove erroneous hash from id on amp-wp-header. See #853. Props eshannon3.

See 0.6 milestone.

0.5.1 (2017-08-17)

  • Fix: issues with invalid tags not being stripped out (e.g. script tags) (h/t tmmbecker, fahmi182, pppdog, seejacobscott, RavanH, jenniejj, lkraav, simonrperry for the reports).
  • Fix: issues with dimension extraction for protocol-less and relative URLs (h/t ktmn for the report).

0.5 (2017-08-04)

  • Whitelist Sanitizer: Replace Blacklist Sanitizer with a whitelist-based approach using the AMP spec (props delputnam)
  • Image Dimensions: Replace fastimage with fasterimage for PHP 5.4+. Enables faster downloads and wider support (props gititon)
  • Embed Handlers: Added support for Vimeo, SoundCloud, Pinterest (props amedina) and PlayBuzz (props lysk88)
  • Analytics: UI for easier addition of analytics tags (props amedina)
  • Fix: parse query strings properly (props amyevans)
  • Fix: Old slug redirect for AMP URLs (props rahulsprajapati)
  • Fix: Handle issues with data uri images in CSS (props trepmal)
  • Fix: Add amp-video js for amp-video tags (props ptbello)
  • Fix: Output CSS for feature image (props mjangda)
  • Fix: Fix attribute when adding AMP Mustache lib (props luigitec)
  • Fix: Various documentation updates (props piersb, bhhaskin)
  • Fix: PHP Warnings from register_customizer_ui (props jahvi)
  • Fix: Coding Standards (props paulschreiber)

0.4.2 (2016-10-13)

  • Fix: Prevent validation errors for html tag (h/t Maxime2 and everyone else that reported this error)
  • Fix: Handle variable name conflict that was causing content_max_width to be ignored (h/t mimancillas)
  • Fix: Prevent errors when nodes don't have attributes (h/t stephenmax)
  • Fix: Back-compat for 4.5 (add sanitize_hex_color function, h/t xotihcan)
  • Fix: Handle gif featured images (h/t protocolil)
  • Documentation updates (props troyxmccall)

0.4.1 (2016-10-10)

  • Fix: Don't fire the_content for featured image output
  • Fix: Don't show comment link when disabled and no comments on post (h/t neotrope)
  • Fix: strip !important from inline styles (h/t compointdesigner and enriccardonagmailcom)

0.4 (2016-10-06)

  • New template: spiffy, shiny, and has the fresh theme smell (props allancole and the Automattic Theme Team).
  • Warning: The template update has potential breaking changes. Please see
  • AMP Customizer: Pick your colors and make the template your own (props DrewAPicture and 10up)
  • Fix: support for inline styles (props coreymckrill).
  • Fix: no more fatal errors when tags not supported by post type (props david-binda)
  • Fix: no more unnecessary <br> tags.
  • Fix: sanitize children of removed nodes (like empty <a> tags) (props Maxime2).
  • Fix: no more broken YouTube URLs with multiple ?s.
  • Fix: properly handle tel and sms schemes (h/t soundstrategies).
  • Fix: remove amp endpoint on deactivate.
  • New filter: amp_pre_get_permalink if you want a completely custom AMP permalink.

0.3.3 (Aug 18, 2016)

  • Handle many more validation errors (props bcampeau and alleyinteractive).
  • New filter: amp_post_template_dir (props mustafauysal).
  • New template: Nav bar is now it's own template part (props jdevalk).
  • Better ratio for YouTube embeds.
  • Fix: better timezone handling (props rinatkhaziev).
  • Fix: better handling of non-int dimensions (like 100%).
  • Fix: better handling of empty dimensions.
  • Fix: autoplay is a bool-like value.
  • Fix: breakage when using the query_string hook (h/t mkuplens).
  • Fix: don't break really large Twitter IDs.
  • Fix: don't break Instagram shortcodes when using URLs with querystrings.
  • Readme improvements (props nickjohnford, sotayamashita)

0.3.2 (Mar 4, 2016)

  • Jetpack Stats support.
  • Better version of Merriweather and use system fonts for sans-serif (props mattmiklic).
  • Move font to stylesheet so it can be more easily overridden (props mattmiklic).
  • Fix: Template loading issues on Windows. (Thanks to everyone who reported this, especially w33zy for pointing out the validate_file issue.)
  • Fix: don't run AMP on post comment feeds (props kraftbj).
  • Fix: un-break pagination when using a static home page with multiple pages.
  • Fix: force amp-iframe to use https to validate correctly (props mister-ben).
  • Fix: validation for target and video/audio attributes.
  • Fix: clipped images in galleries (thanks tobaco).

0.3.1 (Feb 24, 2016)

  • Allow custom query var (props vaurdan).
  • Fix AMP URLs for non-pretty permalinks (props rakuishi).
  • Fix for password-protected posts.
  • Fix dimension extraction for schema-less or relative image URLs.
  • Better fallback for images with no dimensions.
  • Validation fixes for a tags (props kraftbj).
  • Updated AMP boilerplate.
  • Allow on tags for elements (props Steven Evatt).
  • Prefixed class names.

0.3 (Feb 18, 2016)

  • Fetch dimensions for hotlinked images.
  • Add amp-facebook support.
  • Add some new actions and filters (e.g. amp_init).
  • Fix validation errors for [gallery] shortcodes.
  • Fix issues with path validation on Windows.
  • Fix issues with really squeezed layout.
  • Breaking change: style.css no longer contains the `<style> tag. If you have a custom stylesheet, you need to update it to remove the tag.
  • Breaking change: single.php no longer includes the AMP boilerplate styles. They are instead added via the amp_post_template_head hook. If you have a custom template, please remove the boilerplate styles.

0.2 (Jan 28, 2016)

  • Lots and lots and lots of compatibility and validation fixes
  • Lots and lots and lots of improvements for customization


  • Initial version

Upgrade Notice


  • Breaking change: The new template has changes to markup, class names, and styles that may not work with existing customizations. If you want to stay on the old template for now, you can use the following code snippet:
if ( function_exists( 'amp_backcompat_use_v03_templates' ) ) {

For more details, please see


  • Breaking change: AMP_QUERY_VAR is now defined right before amp_init.
  • Breaking change: class names for elements in the default template were prefixed with amp-wp-. Any styles targeting these classes should be updated.


  • Breaking change: style.css no longer contains the `<style> tag. If you have a custom stylesheet, you need to update it to remove the tag.
  • Breaking change: single.php no longer includes the AMP boilerplate styles. They are instead added via the amp_post_template_head hook. If you have a custom template, please remove the boilerplate styles.
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