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Yet another notebook app

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Yana - Powerful & organizable note-taking app with lots of features | Product Hunt

Yana is a powerful notebook app which allows you to manage local workspaces of hierarchically structured taggable and searchable notes. It supports multiple kinds of notes, currently rich-text notes (including embedded media and complex tables) and code snippets (based on the VSCode editor frontend) are supported. Other features include

  • Manage note structure via drag-and-drop
  • Rich notes editor powered by the Atlassian editor core
  • Multiple local workspaces
  • Multiple notes can be opened at once in tabs
  • Starring of notes
  • Trashcan functionality
  • Scalability, working fluently even on notebooks with ten thousands of notes

Download the latest release. Currently available for Windows, Linux and Mac. Find out more about Yana on


Feel free to contribute with Issue Reports, Feedback or Pull Requests.

If you want to start developing Yana locally, you need Node 14+ and yarn install. Clone the repo, install dependencies with yarn and start the app locally with yarn start.

Note that, after the electron window has opened, it might not automatically refresh when the web package has finished building. Refresh the container with CTRL+R to see the app. You can open up Devtools with CTRL+SHIFT+i.

More details are available in