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Clean project for C++ kata
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Clean Project

This is clean project for TDD / kata exercises.

How to


Install Gradle. Clone the project and build the project with Gradle:

git clone
cd clean-project/java
gradle build



  1. Requirements: cmake, make, git, C++14 compiler, some nice IDE like VS Code.
  2. Clone the project:
    git clone
    cd clean-project/cpp
  3. Create makefile with cmake:
    cmake .
  4. Compile all executables with make or compile and run unit tests only with make Test.
  5. Tip: To compile with 4 cores add -j4 parameter to make:
    make -j4 Test


  1. Requirements: Visual Studio (at least free Community edition), git.
  2. Clone the project in git shell:
    git clone
  3. Open Visual Studio solution in visual-studio directory and build with F7.
  4. Execute tests with Ctrl+F5.
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