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SpatialLITE is lightweight .NET Core library for spatial data processing.
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SpatialLITE is a lightweight .NET Core library for spatial data processing.

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  • Reads / writes data in variety of formats
    • WKT (Well-known text)
    • WKB (Well-known binary)
    • GPX
    • OpenStreetMap XML
    • OpenStreetMap PBF
  • Analytics functions
    • Distance / area calculations
    • Basic topology analysis

Getting started

Install the NuGet package:

Install-Package SpatialLite.Core

Use library:

var geometry = WktReader.Parse<LineString>("linestring (-10.1 15.5, 20.2 -25.5, 30.3 35.5)");

Console.WriteLine("Start point: {0}", geometry.Start);
Console.WriteLine("End point: {0}", geometry.End);

// Writes:
// Start point: [-10.1; 15.5; NaN, NaN]
// End point: [30.3; 35.5; NaN, NaN]


SpatialLITE is distributed as a set of NuGet packages. You can install only packages, you need.


API reference and more complex examples are available at

SpatialLITE.Core NuGet Package stats SpatialLITE

Provides contains basic data structures for geospatial data and common infrastructure. It is required by all provided add-ons.

SpatialLITE.Gps NuGet Package stats SpatialLITE.Gps

Add-on for the SpatialLite library that adds support for GPX data format.

SpatialLITE.Osm NuGet Package stats SpatialLITE.Osm

Add-on for the SpatialLite library that adds support for OpenStreetMap data formats.


License MIT License

This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details

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