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Manage background processes from the panel
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Kirby Terminal

Manage background processes from the panel. Define scripts like you might already be familiar with from npm. Start or stop predefined scripts and monitor the output directly in the panel.

Terminal Preview



Download and copy this repository to /site/plugins/terminal.

Git submodule

git submodule add site/plugins/terminal


composer require lukaskleinschmidt/kirby-terminal

Define Scripts

You are able to run almost any scripts or commands you would normally run from a terminal. A script can be defined as a simple string or if you need more control you can define your script as a callback. The callback is expected to return either a string or a Script object. The closure of the callback is bound to the scripts section model.


return [
    'lukaskleinschmidt.terminal.scripts' => [
        'hello-world' => 'echo "Hello World!"',
        'list-index' => function () {
            return 'ls';
        'list-content' => function () {
            $cwd = $this->kirby()->root('content') . '/' . $this->diruri();

            // Set the current working directory for the script
            return script('ls', $cwd);

To get a better understanding of what is possible you can add those three scripts to your config and simply throw them into the site or a page blueprint.

    type: terminal
    script: hello-world

    type: terminal
    script: list-index

    type: terminal
    script: list-content

The example deploy script works for the site or a page blueprint. Using it in the site blueprint will deploy the whole content folder. Using it in a page blueprint will only deploy the page and the corresponding subtree.


return [
    'lukaskleinschmidt.terminal.scripts' => [
        'deploy' => function () {
            $source = $this->kirby()->root('content') . '/\./' . $this->diruri();
            $target = '';

            // If you are not 100% certain you have the right path on the remote
            // server then test this command without the --delete flag first
            return "rsync --delete --relative -avz $source $target";


You may want to restrict access to some scripts. You can do this by adding a gate callback to your config file. The callback is expected to return either true or false. Within the callback you have access to the authenticated user. In addition the closure is bound to the section object allowing you to make more fine grained decisions. The following two examples will help you getting started.


return [
    'lukaskleinschmidt.terminal.gate' => function ($user) {
        return in_array($user->email(), [

return [
    'lukaskleinschmidt.terminal.gate' => function ($user) {
        $permissions = [
            '' => ['deploy']

        return in_array($this->script(), $permissions[$user->email()] ?? []);

If you want to disable all scripts for a specific environment set the gate to false.


return [
    'lukaskleinschmidt.terminal.gate' => false,


You can change the used API endpoint if you run into any conflicts.


return [
    'lukaskleinschmidt.terminal.endpoint' => 'custom-terminal-endpoint'


    headline: Terminal
    type: terminal
    script: deploy

Available options

Property Type Default Description
confirm The confirmation text
delay int 1000 The polling delay
headline The headline for the section
help The help text
script string The executable script
start Start The start button text
stop Stop The stop button text
theme string light The theme of the terminal. Available themes are: light, dark

Confirmation dialog

# Basic confirmation dialog
confirm: Are you sure you are ready for this?

# Advanced confirmation dialog
  button: So ready
  icon: wand
  size: medium
  theme: positive
  text: Are you sure you are ready for this?
Property Type Default Description
button The text for the submit button. Inherits from the start property by default
icon string check The icon type for the submit button
size string small The dialog size. Available sizes are: small, medium, large
text The confirmation text
theme The theme of the submit button. Available options: positive, negative

Multiple languages

You can provide translations for multiple languages for the headline, help, start, stop and confirm property. If you are using the advanced confirmation dialog you can also provide translations for the button and text property.

  en: Are you sure you are ready for this?
  de: Bist du sicher, dass du bereit bist?




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