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A Mac service which adds additional PDF export functionality to iA Writer

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iA Writer Export

You like the elegance of the Latex output and the simplicity of the Markdown syntax?

You use the best Mac editor for writing and you wonder why there is no export to PDF functionality you really want to have?

Don't worry, here is a Mac service which adds this functionality to iA Writer using an amazing document format convertor library called Pandoc.


  1. Download iA Writer from the App Store.
  2. Install Pandoc 1.9.x using a package installer listed on the installation page.
  3. If you have not pdflatex on your system, you have to install a Latex distribution first (check it out by writing which pdflatex into your Terminal).
  4. Download iA Writer Export service and move it to ~/Library/Services or use a simple install script (./install) which does the same for you.
  5. Optionally you can set a shortcut for the export functionality. How to do this is described in the last section of this article.


Save your document first, it has to be saved before exporting. If you want to export the Markdown file to PDF, select iA Writer > Services > Export Markdown to PDF in the menu and wait until a new window with the exported PDF file appears. It will be saved in the same location as the Markdown file but with different extension.

Pandoc and iA Writer Export support more than iA Writer does. Check out the Pandoc's Markdown. Use links, source code highlighting, footnotes, images, tables, definitions, math equations, raw Latex, citations and more.


Please pay attention to the development status of this Mac service. There is absolutely no warranty on correct functionality.


The contribution is welcome! Feel free to create issues or pull requests at any time. Please keep in your mind that the project uses Git Flow and Semantic Versioning conventions.

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