Administration software for science items in a laboratory, ... creating an inventory database
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PIMF is a system to admin your items in a science context creating an
inventory database. It relays on a PHP capable webserver and a mysql
database server.

Have a lot of fun!!!


(1) First of all you have to setup a webserver (with PHP) and a mysql server.
This is pretty standard. You can use a LAMP/WAMP configuration. Be careful
that you have installed and activated the PHP JSON-Module which is needed
by this software. Then copy the content of /Site to the DocumentRoot of your

(2) Create the mysql database structure by importing the script
/Material/databaseStructure.sql into your mysql server.

(3) Create the server configuration file /Site/server/config.php from the
example file in the same folder and adjust the 4 values: MYSQL_SERVER,
MYSQL_USERNAME, MYSQL_PASSWORD, MYSQL_DB. These define the php connection
to the database.

(4) Create the client configuration file /Site/client/config.js from the
example file in the same folder and adjust the value Ext.SOFTWARE_URL to
point to your /Site folder. Keep in mind to have a Slash "/" at the end of
the url.

(5) You have to grant write permissions to the folders
/Site/data/images and /Site/data/images/thumbnails cause the application
will want to put there the images you upload. If you use a Linux System
you can change the owner of the folders to the webservers user account.
(Use the chown command)

(6) Now you can use the software under the URL you put into the
For the first login you can use "root" as username and password. Please
change this right after the setup process.