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A platform for finding code reviewers for your project
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A platform for finding code reviewers for your GitHub project.

Developers often work on their Open Source project and want input or a code review for their project. However finding a reviewer becomes tricky if you don't know the right people personally.

A platform where GitHub projects can be submitted for reviews and voluntary reviewers can find interesting projects would help improving the quality and visibility of many projects and boost social collaboration on GitHub.



People who submit a project for a review should be willing to review projects themselves.

The platform only works if there are enough reviewers. The principle of "Give and Take" is similar to Couchsurfing or Warm Showers where the community organizes itself.



  • Feedback for project
  • Increased quality
  • Valuable learnings
  • More visibility of project


  • Dive into the source code of interesting projects
  • Chance for getting projects reviewed themselves
  • Valuable contribution to Open Source community

Shared benefits:

  • More social collaboration on interesting projects
  • One place to ask and look for reviews


  • The platform is not meant for finding reviewers for a pull request.
  • The platform only works as a mediator between projects and reviewers, reviews themselves happen elsewhere.

Use Cases

  • Joe is a Pythonista but is creating a cool new project in Go with which he is unfamiliar with. He would like someone with more expertise to take a look at his project and tell him where he could write more idiomatic code or whether he writes readable Go code.
  • Joe on his part reviews a Django project (with which he is very familar) and gives feedback about best practices.

Open Reviews today

Open Source reviews already happen today in various forms:


In order to review projects or get your project reviewed you simply sign up with your GitHub account.

From the GitHub account we can pull all the projects the user worked on and create a profile (similar to the Github resume):

  • Languages used
  • Technologies used
  • Location
  • Contact possibilities

Submit project

The user chooses a repository from his GitHub account and describes what he expects from a review and in which form he would like the review. After that the platform takes over and constantly looks for reviewers that match the project profile.

Mediating reviewers and projects

The web application is only the mediator between the reviewer and the project. The review itself can happen anywhere (via GitHub issue, email or blog post). Reviewers can use any form they like.

The only data about the review itself is provided via an optional URL to the completed review.

The platform tracks who reviewed what and provided which projects.

The platform helps matching appropriate projects to appropriate viewers by looking at the qualifiers collected from the GitHub account:

  • Similarity in projects (many Django projects)
  • Expertise in Language (via published repositories)
  • Developers with more stars are usually more popular
  • Location / Language (preferably from same country or region)

Project search

Users can search for a project by providing

  • technology (e.g. "Django", "Rails", "Meteor", "Node")
  • programming language (e.g. "python", "Ruby", "JavaScript")
  • project name (e.g. "chromium")
  • project owner (e.g. "lukasmartinelli")
  • project description (e.g. "ast parser")


Most data for a project is already provided by GitHub:

  • Project name
  • Repository link
  • Description
  • Languages / Technologies used
  • Code statistics (SLOC, language percentage)

Additional data:

  • What is expected from the review
  • Desired form of review


  • Projects reviewed by reviewer
  • Qualifiers extracted from GitHub Profile
  • Projects submitted for review

Idea: Show interactions (reviews and requests) between developers and projects in a graph like view

Data Model

The goal is to have the simplest possible data model that allows a lot of freedom for the reviewers and developers. User and repository are both resources of the GitHub API where we do not need any additional information as it can be requested from the API.

There can only be one open review for project at a time. Once a review is completed it is possible to request a new review. For simplicity's sake any user can request a review for any repository.

A review is assigned to only one reviewer. However if multiple reviewers are interested it is still possible.

Data model

Time estimation

  • Project setup 2h
  • HTML Design 8h
  • GitHub OAuth 2h
  • Request review 4h
  • Review project 2h
  • User detail 2h
  • Review detail 2h

Setup Project

Create the database.

create user opencodereview with password 'opencodereview';
create database opencodereview with owner opencodereview;