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Browser Preview

Browser Preview

Quickly preview an artboard in your browser.

This plugin previews the selected artboard in a 2x resolution in the browsers, using the artboards background color as the websites background color. The artboard is centered horizontally in the browser.


πŸƒ Sketch Runner

Go to the install tab in runner and search for Browser Preview.

Manual Installation

  1. Download the bundle file (first file with the package icon) and extract it.
  2. Double click the browser-preview.sketchplugin bundle


Simply select one or multiple artboards / layers and press cmd + shift + p or select Preview Artboard from the Plugin menu.

You can customize the shortcut using the default mac keyboard settings and assign any shortcut for sketch to Preview Artboard.

If you want your screen to be aligned to the left of the browser window, simply suffix the artboard name with :left. E.g. "Desktop" would be "Desktop:left".

Customize browser

Using the settings you can select which browser to use for previewing the artboard.