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This experiment computes the H2 molecule energy starting from modified HDF5.
The modification is made to one body integral (mo_onee_ints), it was changed to -1.1.
It was made by the HDF5View (
* Electronic ground state energy (Hartree): -1.549384951393
- computed part: -1.549384951393
- frozen energy part: 0.0
- particle hole part: 0.0
~ Nuclear repulsion energy (Hartree): 0.719968991279
> Total ground state energy (Hartree): -0.829415960114
Measured:: Num particles: 2.000, S: 0.000, M: 0.00000
from qiskit import Aer
from qiskit_chemistry import QiskitChemistry
qiskit_chemistry_dict = {
'driver': {'name': 'HDF5'},
'HDF5': {'hdf5_input': 'H2_mod.hdf5'},
'operator': {'name': 'hamiltonian',
'qubit_mapping': 'parity',
'two_qubit_reduction': True},
'algorithm': {'name': 'ExactEigensolver'}
solver = QiskitChemistry()
result =
print('Ground state energy (classical): {:.12f}'.format(result['energy']))
# Second, we use variational quantum eigensolver (VQE)
qiskit_chemistry_dict['algorithm']['name'] = 'VQE'
qiskit_chemistry_dict['optimizer'] = {'name': 'SPSA', 'max_trials': 350}
qiskit_chemistry_dict['variational_form'] = {'name': 'RYRZ', 'depth': 3, 'entanglement': 'full'}
backend = Aer.get_backend('statevector_simulator')
solver = QiskitChemistry()
result =, backend=backend)
print('Ground state energy (quantum) : {:.12f}'.format(result['energy']))
# You can also print out other info in the field 'printable'
for line in result['printable']:
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