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django-admin-numeric-filter provides you several filter classes for Django admin which you can use to filter results in change list. It works in list_filter when a field name is defined as list where the first value is field name and second one is custom filter class (you can find classes below).

Don't forget to inherit your model admin from admin_actions.admin.NumericFilterModelAdmin to load custom CSS styles and JavaScript files declared in inner Media class.

Getting started

  1. Installation
pip install django-admin-numeric-filter
pip install git+
  1. Add admin_numeric_filter into INSTALLED_APPS in your settings file before django.contrib.admin.

Sample admin configuration

from admin_numeric_filter.admin import NumericFilterModelAdmin, SingleNumericFilter, RangeNumericFilter, \

from .models import YourModel

class YourModelAdmin(NumericFilterModelAdmin):
    list_filter = (
        ('field_A', SingleNumericFilter), # Single field search, __gte lookup
        ('field_B', RangeNumericFilter), # Range search, __gte and __lte lookup
        ('field_C', SliderNumericFilter), # Same as range above but with slider

Filter classes

Class name Description
admin_actions.admin.SingleNumericFilter Single field search, __gte lookup
admin_actions.admin.RangeNumericFilter Range search, __gte and __lte lookup
admin_actions.admin.SliderNumericFilter Same as range above but with slider

Slider default options for certain field types

Django model field Step Decimal places
django.db.models.fields.DecimalField() Based on decimal places max precision from DB
django.db.models.fields.FloatField() Based on decimal places field decimal_places attr
django.db.models.fields.IntegerField() 1 0