Django project with predefined directory structure.
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Basic directory structure for bootstraping Django project. Use it as an example how to structure the project.

What does the project contains?

  • Obviously Django project directory structure
  • package.json with dependencies to Gulp 4 and Bootstrap 4
    cd project
    npm i
    gulp watch # now you can edit files under project/src/app/static/scss
  • HTML structure with loaded app.css and app.js files
  • Empty homepage template - project/src/app/templates/home.html
  • Prepared settings and WSGI files for local development and production.

Getting started

  1. Clone the whole repository locally.
    git clone project
  2. Search for app string occurrences and replace them by your project name if needed.
  3. Create and activate virtual environment by using command below
    virtualenv --no-site-packages project_environment
    src project_environment/bin/activate
  4. Install dependencies
    cd project
    pip install -r requirements.txt
  5. Now you can navigate into the project and start the local server
    cd project/src
    python runserver